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We want your journey with us to be a positive and rewarding experience.

Our customer is the most important person in our organization.


We have the know-how you need

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about us

      There are plenty of reasons why you should build your brand new Villa in Mandalika Lombok with us. We have enjoyed a proud history of building quality houses in Bali and Lombok since 2014. Our commitment to excellence continues to this day and this is why we have helped our clients into their very own Villa. 

      We want to sell you a Villa for the right reasons. Because the Villa suits your needs perfectly, without compromise, without breaking your budget. Because you simply fall in love with the design, and what it will mean for your lifestyle and those you love. Read on for even more reasons why you should build with us.


want a second home in Paradise?

            Live and work remotely in your dream home is easier than ever, with the possibility of revenue when you are not.

         Just 2,5 hours from Singapore, Mandalika Lombok Invites you and offers a low cost of living, has easy-to-meet visa requirements, and is also friendly, safe, and welcoming to ex-pats.

Why not move to a place that suits your personal interests while giving you more breathing room?

Now that millions of people have acclimated to working from home, the possibility of living anywhere is more attainable than ever before.

        So some would say that this is the perfect opportunity to pursue that fantasy of live and work wherever you like… your office could be your new home

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our design philosophi

      We aim to provide you with innovative yet practical Villa designs that are designed to grow with your family's requirements well into the future. Our design philosophy is to design stunning Villas where you'd love to live and which celebrate the diversity of family life. 

        Over the years, our design philosophy has continued to evolve and we have continued to improve and innovate thanks to constant research and development.

     Our Design Philosophy consists of several building blocks that encompass excellence and beauty, a valuable sense of space and openness in our Villas, fulfilling the great Island dream of owning your own Villa and most importantly creating a Villa that reflects your family and your lifestyle.

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quality assurance

      There is peace of mind when it comes to building a brand new Villa with us. 

      We pride ourselves on a stringent Quality Assurance process that is in place to ensure that there is consistency in each and every one of our completed Villas. This rigorous process also guarantees that each of our finished Villas is completed to the highest building standard.

      We will guide you through the building process from start to finish, ensuring that you are kept updated every step of the way with regular and relevant communication. Our dedicated site managers will also be on hand to help you along the way. 

      Throughout the building journey with us, we will undertake quality checks at the completion of each stage. Our Quality Assurance process means that you can be guaranteed of a home that has been built to last. When you do finally move into your brand new Villa you will know that you have built with the very best. 

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service and warranty

      Our commitment to you does not end when we hand over the keys to your beautiful new Villa.  

      Our skilled Service and Warranty team will be on hand to assist you with any questions that you may have about your new Villa. They will also provide you with expert advice on how to keep your Villa looking as great as it was on the day you and your family moved in. 

      You will also have the peace of mind of knowing that your Villa is covered by our Home Protection Plan, which includes a New Villa Service Inspection performed three months after the settlement of your new Villa. 

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lifetime structural guarantee

     We have a strong commitment to excellence in design, construction, quality and customer care. 

      This is why we have helped to build so many of quality Villas for International families. We care deeply that your brand new Villa is everything that you have ever dreamed of. Our unending passion is to achieve unrivaled quality and outstanding service for you long after your Villa is complete. 

       We provide a lifetime structural guarantee on all of our Villas. This is how we show our complete confidence in each and every one of our completed Villas.

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we will

  • provide effective and timely responses to any issues or disputes within two business days.

  • return your phone call within the same day wherever possible, with a 24-hour maximum response time.

  • treat each customer with respect and patience and expect that this will be the way each member of our staff, suppliers and our sub-contractors are treated in return.

  • ensure that a customer care representative is assigned to you throughout the building of your new house.

  • introduce you to the building supervisor overseeing the construction of your new house.

  • provide you with regular updates and progress reports during your build.

  • welcome your feedback, either complimentary or critical.