Building process

Beautiful Wodden House

Building with us

Congratulations! This is the start of your journey with us and we look forward to being part of it

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Step 1 New home selection


Initial meeting with our sales team. A member of our sales team will help you find a floor plan to suit your lifestyle.


Once you have decided on a floor plan, electrical plan and façade, an initial deposit of $1,000 is required, except custom plans. This deposit secures your base price, site start allocation and inclusions. It is non-refundable.


Step 2 Preliminary documentation and concept design


You’ll meet with our sales team to review and sign off on preliminary plans and tender document.


  • $2,000 payment is due.


Step 3 Contract presentation


Your new home consultant will arrange an appointment with you to sign your building contract.


  • 5% of the contract value is due less the $3000 (in deposits) that you have already paid

Step 4 Colour selection


You and our colour consultant will choose the styling of your home, both inside and out. You also have the option of selecting your colours prior to the contract presentation (step 3).




Step 5 Permits/estimation


Once we get formal approval from you, our team will be busy finalising the building permits and ordering the materials for your new home

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We walk with you every step of the way…


Step 6 Meet your building supervisor


Your building supervisor will contact you to arrange to meet our team, prior to site start. Once construction commences, you will be provided with regular updates on how your home is progressing.


Step 7 Base stage


Your block of land will be prepared and ready to build on, with temporary fencing installed, site excavation and underground connections laid. Base stage is complete once the concrete is poured. A qualified building surveyor will undertake an inspection of your slab upon completion.

  • First progress payment is due – 10% of contract value.

  • You are welcome to inspect this stage with the building supervisor prior to making progress payment.



Step 8 Frame stage


This is when your home really starts to come to life. All walls are marked out in accordance with your final drawings, and construction of walls, door frames and roof trusses begin.

Frame stage is complete once the frame has been constructed. A qualified building surveyor will underake an inspection of your frame upon completion.

  • Second progress payment is due – 15% of contract value.

  • You are welcome to inspect this stage with the building supervisor prior to making progress payment

Step 9 Lock-up stage


This is a significant milestone in the construction of your new home. Effectively we are able to ‘lock up’ your home. Brickwork, roofing, and windows are put in place. Temporary external doors may be hung and fixed into position in order to ensure the security of your home.

  • Third progress payment is due – 35% of contract value.

  • You are welcome to inspect this stage with the building supervisor prior to making progress payment.

Step 10 Fixing stage


You will see your colour selections come to life. All internal cladding, architraves, skirting, doors, cabinets and cupboards are fitted and fixed in position and painting will commence.


  • Fourth progress payment is due – 25% of contract value.

Step 11 Practical Completion Inspection (PCI)


Your building supervisor will arrange your PCI approximately two weeks ahead of the completion of your home. On this day, you will meet with your building supervisor who will conduct an on-site inspection. Appliances will be installed at an agreed time after settlement has taken place, if they haven’t already been installed.

A building surveyor will complete the final inspection and issue a certificate of occupancy which is then forwarded to you.

A handover date will also be confirmed with you at this appointment.


  • You should forward the certificate of occupancy to your financial institution (if applicable) to release final payment.


Step 12 Handover/Settlement


Congratulations! Your new home has been completed and is ready for you to move in.


On the day of settlement, you will meet your building supervisor who will conduct an on-site handover.

You will take ownership of the keys to your new home.

You will receive a hand-over pack with VBA, termite treatment certificate and warranties for your appliances and home care documents.


  • Fifth and final progress payment is due – 10% of contract value plus any unpaid variations.

  • Please note: a bank cheque or direct deposit is required for final payment. If direct deposit is made, please ensure transfer is made at least two clear business days prior to settlement.


Step 13 Introduction and Inspection


Six months after settlement we carry out the maintenance inspection. You will need to complete and return your six-month maintenance form which you received in your handover pack at settlement. This form should be returned via email to You will be contacted within 10 business days to arrange a suitable time to visit your home.

Step 14 Agreed works


At your maintenance visit any items that require attention will be mutually agreed between you and your maintenance supervisor. You will be contacted after the visit to arrange a time to revisit your home to undertake any agreed works


Step 15 Completion of works


All agreed works are completed by our maintenance team and you will be sent a copy of the signed maintenance form with a list of agreed items that have been completed.