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Investing in Harmony

 Mandalika-Hills  Resort  

      We have chosen Kuta Bay on the white sand beaches of South Lombok as the base for an extraordinary new development.

​          We are going to build what will become an outstanding investment opportunity, a chance to own a part of - and be a part of a new resort lifestyle developments.

​        Blessed with the best nature can offer and complement by the best in design, Kuta Hills Lombok is taking shape.

         Less than 1 km away from the beach, we are underway with the development of our hillside villa resort. Nestled in the beautiful landscape with a view across the bay, we have acquired almost 50.000m2 of prime real estate.

​        A concept of resort design is underway, with a centrally managed operation, run by a world-class hotel group Melia, individual investors and developers will have access to the clubhouse and combined facilities.

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The Masterplan

      The dramatic hills overlooking Kuta Bay offer a spectacular opportunity to create a resort with the best conditions to provide residents a dream location.

       We are working together with experts to build an ecologically sound masterplan. The contours of the land and the breathtaking views inform the design. With already done the construction of the access road, which winds its way up, leaving pockets of diverse real estate surrounded by carefully planted greenery designed to promote privacy whilst maximizing views.

       The site has a single entry point at the base of the hill, with a gatehouse structure and parking. From here residents will transfer to the funicular which can access the entire hill.

Situated on the top of the hill, the clubhouse will provide a focal point for both the management of the development and for entertainment, featuring a pool deck and restaurant facilities.


       The variety of accommodation types will suit a range of budgets and requirements. Each unit has a private pool, deck and garden, all with an optimized outlook across the bay.

Accommodation type Example:

TOTAL GFA      50.000m2

Green area      70%

Clubhouse  1.200m2

-7 units: Villa 3 Bed 300m2 with private pool

-20 units: Villa 2 Bed 250m2 with private pool

-10 units: Villa 1 Bed 160m2 with private pool

Condotel option

A condotel is a condominium project that is operated as a hotel with a registration desk, cleaning service and more. The units are typically individually owned. Unit owners also have the option to place their unit in the hotel's rental program where it is rented out like any other hotel room to paying guests

In a condo hotel, rooms are owned separately as condominium units. ... Every hotel has room inventory. In a condo hotel, separately-owned condominium units are intended to be made part of the hotel's inventory through a rental program. In some condo hotels, all of the hotel's rooms are sold as condominium units