New Trend for a second home and/or Holiday Accommodation in Paradise... earn rental income

     Live and work remotely in your dream home is easier than ever, with the possibility of have revenue when you are not.

     Just 2,5 hours from Singapore, Mandalika Lombok Invites you and offers a low cost of living, has easy-to-meet visa requirements, and is also friendly, safe and welcoming to ex-pats.

     Why not move to a place that suits your personal interests while giving you more breathing room?

Now that millions of people have acclimated to working from home, the possibility of living anywhere is more attainable than ever before.

     Back in the good-old pre-pandemic days, many people fantasized about becoming a digital nomad and quitting their 9-to-5 office job in order to live and work remotely in a dreamy international destination. Now, for most workers is no longer a luxury. Before the coronavirus took hold, only around 7% of  employees regularly worked remotely. These days, at least two-thirds of the working hours could be done from home, and many don’t ever want to go back to the old ways of work and doing business.

     So some would say that this is the perfect opportunity to pursue that fantasy of living and work wherever you like. But there’s good news for remote workers with wanderlust, as Indonesia is creating programs to lure travelers who want to relocate and live and work abroad.

...and earn rental income

     Holiday-goers used to seek out big names in the luxury hotel industry for their accommodation needs whenever they travel.

However, in recent years we are beginning to see a paradigm shift in the choices that travelers make, more often than not, tending towards a more experiential kind of accommodation.

     Hotels and resort rooms are no longer just a place for them to shower and sleep in. Guests are now looking for something extra; a special experience, which allows them to leave with fond memories and stories that they will be proud to share with their family and friends on social media.

     Most owners choose to use their second house for their own stay or home office, or as a holiday home anywhere around the world. You can also rent out in the short or long term as an additional source of income whenever you are not using it yourself to defray the costs of maintaining the house and recover some of the cost of purchasing it.

     This new eco-tourism concept comes with the benefit of being hosted on scenic land in Lombok. They can be parked on land owned by partners, who get a slice of the rental profits helping rent out your Villa online on accommodation booking sites like Airbnb and help you fully manage it.

     After you have purchased your Villa from us for your own usage, you might think about making full use or renting it out when you are not, rather than letting it sit empty.

Mandalika-Beachfront Lombok, investment opportunity

     In Lombok, just 3 km away from Kuta city, beachfront with stunning sunrise, you could acquire almost 1.250m2 of prime Real Estate. Perfect property for a high-end resort or subdivision prospects for a residencial Villas.​ Situate in the center of the new tourist prime destination of Kuta Mandalika Lombok, with all the infrastructure already done by the government investment project in the New Bali, with the international event Moto GP  programmed for the next 5 years.


      This is the perfect location for a private paradise property or for business development with the highest potential, with a full white sand beach and transparent paradisiac water.

The 12.500m2 land will be subdivided into plots of 600m2

20 plots to build your dream villa.     

(1st payment 50%, 2nd 50% after 6 months)